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7 years ago


Our donor is using us as a place of donation for grievers.  She has asked that I place a small ‘announcement’ or card, at the back of the funeral home /or church with our information.  Is there a template for that?  Name of the deceased? How to give? An image? A link?  THANKS

Jennifer Lane
7 years ago

Here is what I would recommend for this:

Print a document on note card size card stock. (You can get this at any office supply store, or you could take your document to the office supply store or a Fedex Kinko’s and have them print it for you on card stock.) You could also use perforated business card paper if your information will fit on it or 3×5 (index card) size perforated paper.

I would use text similar to this (nice font, centered):

In honor of the life of

Jane Doe

memorial donations can be made to

ABC Foundation

At this address:
1234 Street, Anywhere, USA 12345

Or going to this website:

Another suggestion would be to print enough cards that mourners could take one and not have to write down the information.

An image is not necessary as this card would likely be placed next to the Register book.

I hope that helps, but let us know if you have any additional questions.

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