I live in FL, but want to be buried in AR

6 years, 7 months ago

Would like to know what steps my family has to do , and on a average what is the cost? And sense there will be two different funeral biz involved how does that work ?  Still not sure if I want to be cremated or a casket type service? By using ur site for planning either way there is only about 2k difference, but just concerned about the transport.

Jennifer Lane
6 years, 7 months ago

You are very wise for learning about this now – and I’m happy to help fill in the blanks after your research.  For burial (casket type service) in a state other than where the death occurs, you are correct in that 2 funeral homes will be involved.  In Florida, the funeral home there will do what is known as a “ship out.”  (They will pick up and prepare the body for transport.)

Then in Arkansas, the funeral home there will do what is known as a “ship in”.  (They will pick up the body from the airport and handle the burial.)  Each funeral home will have a charge for those services and those charges are listed on their General Price List.  (If you know which funeral homes you want to use, you can call and request a copy of their General Price List, or ask what they charge for those services.  By federal law, they must give you pricing information over the phone.)

The transportation for distant out of state burials is done by airplane – the Florida funeral home must make those arrangements with the airline.  The cost would be what the airline charges for the flight (this is a 3rd party or “cash advance” type charge which means that the funeral does not make any money from it, but they put the airline charges on their bill as a convenience so you don’t have to pay 2 different companies.)

That is if you choose to be buried.  If you opt for the cremation and are cremated in Florida, then you eliminate the charges for a funeral home in Arkansas as well as the airline charges.  It would be significantly less costly as the Florida funeral home is not needed after cremation.  The cremated remains could be returned to the family (and the cremated remains can be mailed via registered mail if they need to be sent to Arkansas.)  Or, the family can transport the cremated remain themselves.

I hope that helps – thank you for being part of the Funeralwise community.

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