Note cards for extended family not expected to attend service

5 years, 3 months ago

My mom is planning her memorial service. My father is deceased and my mom wants us to just notify her nieces and nephews on my fathers side of her passing after the service has been done and over with as she does not hear from them and feels they should not be expected at the service. Is there a proper protocol to follow to send out note cards or just sending a prayer card with the date of death appropriate?

Jennifer Lane
5 years, 3 months ago

It’s great that your mom is making plans for her service – that is very thoughtful and wise of her to do that.

To answer your question, I have to ask a question – at the time of her death, will there be any obituary or notice posted on the internet by anyone? (funeral home website, newspaper, Facebook, etc.) If so, I think there’s a good chance the nieces and nephews will learn about it. This would give them the chance to attend the service which is perfectly okay – as it sounds like your mother just didn’t want them to feel obligated.

Either way – I think you would be fine to send out prayer cards after the service to any extended family who did not attend her service.

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