How does a person become a crematory operator?

6 years, 12 months ago

Hello I am appreciative of any information where I can find how to become a crematory technician or operator or assistant. I could not find much information on line but I appreciate people who are in the profession or people who employ crematory operator or assistant who would give me their perspective on how I could become one. Thanks in advance.

Jennifer Lane
6 years, 12 months ago

This will depend on the state where you wish to be a crematory operator. First, check with regulatory board in your state to see if there are any special certifications or licenses required for you to work in this capacity. A company that operates a crematory would have you go through the usual employment process which would likely include a background check as well.

Some companies might even require that you are CANA certified due to the legal risks involved in cremation. CANA is the Cremation Association of North America and a very well respected organization in the funeral industry. The details of the CANA Crematory Operator Certification program are listed on their website along with other information that you may find helpful.

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