Picture of deceased at funeral?

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10 years ago

Is it considered appropriate to have a photo of deceased next to open casket at wake/visitation and the funeral services? My mother in law says she wants it and my wife is against it.


Jennifer Lane
10 years ago

Hi Jerry,

Yes, is it appropriate to display a photo of the deceased at the visitation and funeral. Families often set up a memorial display on a table which usually includes mementos of the deceased (a favorite book, maybe a hat which was always worn, awards that were earned during life, several photos of the deceased both alone and with friends and family.)

It does not matter whether the casket is opened or closed. However, if you think your wife is going to be unable to handle seeing a photo of the deceased next to an open casket, then perhaps you can suggest displaying the photo in an area away from the casket. For example, you could display the photo next to the register book that mourners will sign when they attend the visitation or funeral.

Funerals are a celebration of life, so displaying items that reflect on the person’s life are always appropriate and encouraged.

One final note – if you are not the next of kin to the deceased, and you want to display something during the visitation and/or funeral, you do need to get permission from the next of kin before displaying anything.

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