Road Transport?

6 years, 9 months ago

My mom plans to die at home here in Phoenix.
She has a burial plot in Tucson just 120 miles away at Evergreen Cemetery. What is the most cost-effective way to get her remains to the mortuary in Tucson?
Does Arizona require transport be done by funeral homes or can I do it myself. What are the steps needed after she passes?

Jennifer Lane
6 years, 9 months ago

Hi Gary,

Transportation requirements will vary by state. From the information we found, Arizona requires a disposition-transit permit. The cemetery will usually require this permit as well to do the burial. You will also need a death certificate to obtain the permit.

The best way to ensure you comply with all local and state laws is to handle transportation through a local funeral home or the funeral home you plan to use in Tucson (they can also secure the death certificate.) They can give you the details on pricing, and they usually include local transportation (within about 10 or 15 miles) but then they will charge a rate by the mile after that, so be sure to find out what that rate is from the funeral home.

If you decide to transport the body to Tucson yourself, you should contact your county health department or the Office of Vital Records to secure the necessary paperwork and make sure you comply with all legal requirements. Also important is to check with the funeral home in Tucson to make you will comply with their requirements for accepting your mother’s body into their care.

Your steps will depend on the information you gather. I would start first with talking to the funeral home in Tucson to discuss your plans and learn their rate for bringing her to Tucson.

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