Funeral Potatoes

The Magic of Funeral Potatoes – 10 Fascinating Facts

It started with a simple search–funeral potatoes. Since our funeral food pages are popular, we thought our readers might enjoy a pithy little feature highlighting our recipes and funeral food customs. Having crossed paths with an article or two about the traditions behind potatoes at funerals, that seemed like a good place to start.  Hailing […]

Islamic Funeral Prayer & the Finality of Death

When someone of the Islamic faith dies, Muslims within the community will gather together to offer prayers for the deceased’s forgiveness. This funeral prayer is called the Salat al-Janazah or Janazah prayer.

Funeral Etiquette

Whether you are planning a service for a loved one or paying respects to a friend or co-worker, funerals can be socially and emotionally challenging. Especially during a sensitive time, funeral etiquette can feel like an insurmountable set of unspoken rules. Our funeral etiquette pages can help. We cover everything from appropriate attire to what to say when offering condolences to navigating different service formats. We’ll offer insight into how you can be respectful and supportive of the grieving family while honoring the memory of the deceased. The information in our guide will help you navigate difficult situations with confidence and compassion. Our tips and advice will help you navigate difficult days if you are mourning and introduce you to the customs and courtesies associated with attending funerals, visitations, and memorials.

Using A Funeral Celebrant: A Growing Movement

Using A Funeral Celebrant: A Growing Movement That’s Catching Hold If you aren’t familiar with the concept of using a professional celebrant to preside at funerals and memorial services, then you aren’t alone. The idea of using a secular professional trained to lead funeral ceremonies isn’t new, but it is a relatively recent phenomenon in […]

Funerals in the Time of Covid

From the way we work to the way we socialize, COVID-19 has had a profound effect on all of us. For those who have lost a loved one during these difficult times, the results have been particularly heartbreaking. That’s because it’s not just routine activities that have changed, but how we grieve.  At least for […]


Funerals in the time of COVID Part 2 There’s an old saying about taking things for granted that goes something like, “you don’t miss something until it’s gone.” If nothing else, COVID-19 has put an exclamation point on that. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve discovered a lot of things we’ve taken for granted. […]

10 Tips on What NOT to Wear to a Funeral

Deciding what to wear to a traditional funeral can be tricky. You may not want to buy something new but you do want to be appropriate. >>Related Reading: What to Wear to a Funeral No question, times have changed and many people are opting for a more casual approach to funeral attire. But, and this is […]

Home Funerals: Do-It-Yourself is on the rise.

There are a lot of things people don’t know about the funeral industry. That’s to be expected. Funerals can be hard talk about and frankly, most of us prefer to leave the details to the professionals. But these days, an increasing number of people are skipping the funeral home altogether and holding the funeral or […]

Popular Pages — Funeral Quizzes and More

It’s no wonder that Funeralwise is known as the best resource on the web for funeral-related information. We’ve got everything you need to know about how to plan a funeral, funeral etiquette, funeral customs, and much more. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to take a break and have a little fun. With that in mind, we […]

Military Funeral Service Rituals

For the family of an active duty service member, military bereavement starts with a knock at the door. The news comes in person, by a military chaplain and

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