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Law Enforcement Funeral Customs

Law Enforcement (Police) Funeral Service Rituals

Law Enforcement Funerals Law enforcement officers pledge to serve the public good and put their lives on the line daily. When they pass away, whether from circumstances in the line of duty or otherwise, their funerals should reflect honor and respect for their service and dedication.

Firefighter Funerals & Memorial Service Rituals and Customs

It is fitting and right that firefighters, who put their lives at risk daily for the public, should be given the proper respect upon their passing. A large part of this respect includes fire department traditions, which play an important role in honoring firefighters who have passed. Full military-style honors are accorded to those heroes who die in the line of duty.

New Funeralwise Survey Shows Contrasting Funeral Choices

People Prefer Either a “Celebration of Life” or No Funeral At All Chicago, IL – The new survey conducted by Funeralwise.com revealed an important finding for the funeral industry – almost half of those surveyed would like a “celebration of life” ceremony versus only 11% that prefer a traditional funeral. Also, a startling fact came to light – over 30% do not want a funeral.

Free Funeral Planning for Drunk Drivers

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) May 14, 2009 – Funeralwise.com wants Americans to stop and think before drinking and driving this Memorial Day Weekend. To raise public awareness of this serious issue, Funeralwise.com is encouraging anyone who plans to drink and drive over the holiday weekend to create a funeral plan in advance. For people who do not intend to drink and drive, Funeralwise.com is providing a tangible way they can help fight drunk driving by donating $10 to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for the first 10,000 funeral plans created on its website through May 25th.

Death and Taxes – Funeralwise.com Offers a "Tax Rebate"

Las Vegas, NV April 5, 2010 – Since the only things certain in life are death and taxes, Funeralwise.com is offering to ease the burden with free funeral planning and “tax rebates” of up to $500 to individuals who register on their website.

In the Media with Funeralwise.com

February 13, 2013 — Hollywood.com: Study: Women on TV Murdered More Violently Than Men, But Why? February 7, 2013 — Hollywood.com: Exclusive "The Walking Dead" Tops Deadliest Shows on TV Study"

Throw Your Own Great Funeral on ‘Create a Great Funeral Day’

Inspired by the movie “Get Low,” Funeralwise.com’s sweepstakes and survey offers funeral planning prizes Chicago, IL, October 18, 2010 — Funeralwise.com suggests individuals think about throwing their own funeral on Saturday, October 30, the 11th annual Create a Great Funeral Day. To help, Funeralwise.com is offering free funeral planning and cash prizes to survey participants who share their views about “living” funeral services.

Attending a Funeral – Doing the Right Things

When You Need to Attend a Funeral Prepare yourself for the funeral, visitation, condolence call by reviewing funeral customs and funeral etiquette. Help a family member or friend deal with their grief. Send flowers to the funeral or make a memorial tribute. What Happens at a Funeral? Learn what to expect if you will be attending the funeral services of a different religion or culture. Start with our index of customs.

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