Sending Thank You Notes

Sending Thank You Notes After a Funeral

Saying "Thank You" to Friends and Family in a Note Card While it may be difficult to write thank you notes in a time of grief, it is important to acknowledge acts of kindness and support.

Funerals 101: Everything You Need to Know

Guide to Funeral Products, Services, and Providers Here you'll find comprehensive, unbiased information about funerals. It's where you can learn what you need to know to make smart choices in planning funerals, purchasing funeral products, and supporting friends in grief.

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What Should I Say to the Grieving Family?

Visitations and funeral services are often confusing for the family. Take time to talk with and greet family members, even if only to share a hug and a simple expression of sorrow. Kind words or memories about the person who has died are always welcome. The family may want to talk and there’s no need […]

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