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March 2020 Newsletter
Word to the Wise Newsletter

For many of us, it seems like Spring will never get here. Luckily, it’s right around the corner. With that in mind, this edition of the Word to the Wise Newsletter features information to help you spruce up after a long winter. Whether it’s dusting off your funeral plan or clearing out items you no longer need, this is the perfect time to take a fresh look at what’s important to you.


There’s no time like the present when updating your Funeral Plan. You may not need to make any big changes, but your preferences may have changed since the last time you looked at your plan.

Don’t forget that having a plan is just the first step. You must ensure your loved ones know you have a plan and are aware of your wishes. If you haven’t had “the talk,” set aside time to update your family on how you’d like your end-of-life affairs handled.

>>Go to Your Plan or Start a New One


Each year, the American Heart Association sets aside the month of February to remind people of the importance of heart health. The commemorative month is intended to draw attention to preventative steps you can take. Special attention is given to what women need to know about heart health.

We encourage you to take care of your heart in February and all year. To learn more about how to care for your heart, visit the Heart Association website.

>>Learn More About Heart Health


At Funeralwise, we’re partial to using online tools for funeral planning. That’s why we developed The Wise Planning System. But for many people, paper just works better. If you prefer to do your planning via hard copy, we’ve got tools for you, too.

Our Funeral Planning Checklist and Form is a comprehensive paper form that will help you gather the information you need so that your loved ones know exactly what you want when the time comes. The completed form can also be used as a resource when attending an Arrangement Conference with a funeral director.

>>Download Our Funeral Planning Form

Have you considered who will handle all the “stuff” you leave behind? We have. That’s why our latest forums post focuses on choosing a decluttering method.

We explore three popular ways to start cleaning out your stuff so your loved ones won’t have to. We’ll feature additional articles on this topic in months to come since we all need a little help with simplifying.

>>Read: Decluttering Your Way


We are always on the lookout for unique high-quality memorial items to help commemorate a life well lived in a unique and personal way.

We’ve recently added many new urns and keepsakes for people and pets to our store.

We encourage you to look to see the type of items we feature. While you may not be shopping right now, we hope that you’ll think of us when you have the need.

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