Grief And The Holidays

November 2018 Newsletter
Grief and the Holidays

Most of us look forward to the sights, sounds, and celebrations of the holiday season. For those who have suffered a loss, however, this time of year presents many challenges, not the least of which is how to make the difficult journey through grief when it seems all those around us are filled with joy.

Our recent article, Managing Grief During the Holidays, offers helpful advice on what you can do to navigate the pitfalls that come with mourning during a festive time. Our website also offers valuable information to help you understand grief and what you can expect when faced with the loss of a loved one.

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If you haven’t heard of the Death Positive Movement, you will. The Movement is part of a growing trend that advocates for a more open attitude about the subject of death. 

While the Death Positive approach may not be for everyone, it’s something we think you should know about so that you can make up your own mind about where death fits in with the journey through life. Heck, you might already be Death Positive and not even know it. To help you decide, we’ve created a little quiz. Why not take it and find out if you are Death Positive?



It’s hard today to set aside money for something that may not happen long. We know, however, that having resources available for end-of-life expenses can help give you peace of mind.

We’ve enhanced our resources to help you determine if funeral insurance is right for you. We have an all-new insurance finder tool with a state-of-the-art quote wizard. Our website contains information on funeral insurance and how to pay for funerals. We hope you’ll take a fresh look.



One of the most popular features on our site is our series of FREE Word to the Wise Guides. If you aren’t familiar with the Guides, they cover various funeral-related topics, including cremation, etiquette, and how to protect your digital legacy.

We’ve recently added two new Guides to the series: 

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