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Funeral Questions

Do I attend? (Funeral Etiquette)

Two of my closest friend’s grandfather passed away. I met him once or twice over the last 20 …

My husband lost his estranged father – do we send flowers? (Funeral Etiquette)

My husband father just pass away, but he had lost touch with him. Do I send flower to the new wife?…

Should my current wife attend my ex-wife’s funeral? (Funeral Etiquette)

Is it appropriate for my present wife to attend my ex-wife’s funeral? I have a son by my ex-w…

How Do I Tell Mourners What to Wear? (Funeral Etiquette)

What’s the best thing to say in a newspaper announcement, when the mourners don’t have …

Is it okay to give photos of the deceased to the spouse at the funeral? (Funeral Etiquette)

Is it ok to bring photographs of the deceased (and his spouse) to the funeral? I think I have pict…

Do I have to go up to the casket? (Funeral Etiquette)

When going to funerals of people we do not know very well (example: co-worker’s grandparent)…

Can I use printed address labels on thank you notes? (Funeral Etiquette)

Is it ok to use printed address labels on the thank you or acknowledgement notes?

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Viewing 7 topics - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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