Our Annual Planning Tips

February 2021 WHAT’S YOUR PLAN? We’re fond of saying that the best time to plan a funeral is before you need it. That’s because when you plan ahead for your end-of-life needs you are likely to save money and at the same time, give your loved ones the peace of mind that comes with knowing […]

Funeralwise Funeral Assistance Program

The Funeralwise Funeral Assistance Program (FAP) provides members of participating organizations access to individualized funeral and memorial planning assistance. The Funeralwise FAP is a unique benefit that can help you provide your members with peace of mind when it comes to end-of-life planning. The Funeralwise FAP is designed to enhance the benefits offered by all […]

Funeralwise and Agents: Working Together

Selling insurance has never been more competitive than it is now. You need an edge to stand-out from the competition. The Funeralwise Funeral Insurance Program can give you that edge and set you apart from other agents. Joining forces with Funeralwise enables you to offer a complete funeral and final expense planning solution. This provides […]

Funeralwise Funeral Insurance Program

The Funeralwise Funeral Insurance Program offers a unique opportunity for life insurance agents who want to expand their final expense or preneed insurance business. Our one-of-a-kind program enables you to join forces with Funeralwise, the leading funeral and final expense planning resource on the web. With the Funeralwise Funeral Insurance Program, you’ll be able to […]

Opportunities for Funeral Celebrants

More than 2 million visitors come to Funerawise.com each year for information, advice, and funeral planning tools. Many of these people are good prospects for the services of a Celebrant.  With our broad reach, we can help you engage a new universe of clients. Not only that, we offer you the chance to earn fees […]

Celebrants and Funeralwise

Funeralwise shares a common goal with Funeral Celebrants – to help families celebrate a life. With that as an objective, the Funeralwise Celebrant Program brings together the powerful online presence of Funeralwise.com with the excellent personal services of Celebrants. More than ever, families are turning to the web to do their funeral planning. By joining […]

Funeral Industry Statistics: A State by State Look

The funeral industry is large and mature. According to which funeral industry statistics you follow, sales in 2019 were somewhere between $17-$20 billion. In 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics listed more than 25,000 people employed in the funeral services industry. Funeral directors, undertakers, and morticians make up approximately 16,000 of these. The industry […]

Learning How to Pay for a Funeral

It is never easy when someone close to you dies. In the best of cases, there is money set aside to cover the cost of burial and funeral. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way and it can mean looking for how to pay for a funeral. Today’s average funeral costs more than $8,500 […]

Using A Funeral Celebrant: A Growing Movement

Using A Funeral Celebrant: A Growing Movement That’s Catching Hold If you aren’t familiar with the concept of using a professional celebrant to preside at funerals and memorial services, then you aren’t alone. The idea of using a secular professional trained to lead funeral ceremonies isn’t new, but it is a relatively recent phenomenon in […]

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