I wish my mom had planned

When my mom passed recently she left behind no instructions on how she wanted to be buried, what she wanted the memorial to be like, or how she wanted to be remembered. That left it to us, the siblings to decide. That would have been fine if we had agreed on everything. We didn’t. We […]

The Past surfaced at the Repast

My husband has a large and “interesting” family. Their custom is to hold a large repast after the funeral. This normally makes for a festive event with lots of stories being passed around and memories being shared. When his father died the dynamics were a bit electric since the funeral was held in their hometown […]

My Mother’s Funeral

My mother was the most wonderful mother in the whole world. Her Funeral went like a magic dream and all thanks to Pauline Tweddle who is one of the Undertakers at the Co-Op Funeralcare at Mill House in North Shields. She was marvellous and is my friend and I hope she will be my undertaker […]

Awkward Dealing with Ex-Wife

I had the misfortune of being at a funeral where all the ex-wives of my mother-in-law’s sons were at the funeral. This mind you with the current wives being there too, including me! During the time of my MIL’s illness, my husband and I took her into our home and I cared for her along […]

Nasty Text Message after My Husband’s Funeral

Funeral upsets should be a category. It’s been four months and I’m still upset. My husband died after a long illness wherein I singlehandedly took care of him and went to work everyday. No one offered to help ease my stress with a night out or anything. So he was failing fast and I finally […]

Custom Urn Helped with Healing Process

My husband designs and creates custom wood urns and one of his clients this past year wrote an endearing and unique letter after she received her urn that was made by my husband, Luke Thornton. Here is what she wrote: “Luke, I can’t really tell you in so many words what you meant to me […]

Awkward Photo Shoot

This is not so much a topic of bad funeral cause it was the events after the service that I felt made for a bad funeral. My husbands ex wife came to the memorial service (divorced 22 years ago). We were married 17 years. After the service the ex wife had photos taken of her […]

The Last Time by Rickshaw

In 2007 I started to work in the offices of a not for profit social enterprise company called Bugbugs, who operates a small fleet of rickshaws in London. The company was set up to offer zero-emission transport and advertising and all of our riders were young guys and girls, who rented the rickshaw and then […]

“Attending” a Tearful TV Funeral

I’ve “attended” a funeral from afar before – Princess Di, President Reagan, probably some others. But today’s memorial service for the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who perished in Yarnell, Arizona, earlier this month, was just as memorable as those of big-name celebrities and politicians. I have a personal interest in this one. Not because I […]

The Truth Comes Out….Loud and Clear!

A funny thing happened at a graveside service one warm autumn afternoon. The preacher was at the gravesite, the pallbearers stood behind him, and the family was seated on folding chairs facing them. The preacher talked of the deceased’s good qualities, and indicated that his kindness and selfless Christianity made it more than likely that […]