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What coffin or casket best protects the body in burial? (Funeral Products)

Hi all I am in my late 30s and two weeks ago lost my dear father. He did not have any wishes for hi…

2nd Right of Interment (Cemetery Questions)

When my mother passed away 30 years ago my father purchased a 2 person niche in the Memory Room at …

Identifying step children (Obituaries/Eulogies)

How to list stepchildren in obituary?

Changes after preplan/pay (Pennsylvania) (Cremation, Family Issues, Funeral Planning)

So my brother pre-paid and pre-arranged his funeral. He wanted to be buried. The day of his funeral…

Estranged children within funeral program (Funeral Ceremonies, Funeral Etiquette)

Hello, My father recently passed. He was married to my Mom, his present wife, for over 50 years; ho…

Mother’s married twice. How do we list her name? (Obituaries/Eulogies)

1st husband died in 2002 after 60+ years of marriage. Re-married 9 years now. How do we list her na…

How to define this crazy relationship!? (Obituaries/Eulogies)

Ok so they were married for a good 15+ years and then they divorced for two and were remarried. The…

Gravestone acknowledges son and daughter and grandsons but not sil or dil (Cemetery Questions)

I was wondering do monument maker deliberately try to break up families or what. My father-in-law a…

Obituary how to list children of different fathers and a deceased ex husband (Obituaries/Eulogies)

Hello… my mother passed away a few days ago and I’m needing some guidance on how to list her …

Parents Not Married (Obituaries/Eulogies)

My aunt passed and I’d like to know how to list the father of her children since they were no…

When is the best time to pass out memorial folders or programs? (Funeral Ceremonies)

Do you do this when everyone is seated for service?

Group Thank Yous via Email (Funeral Etiquette)

I received cards/donations from different groups on my job. Is it proper etiquette to send a group …

Cremation authorization question (Cremation, Funeral Arrangements)

My father passed away two days ago, and I was contacted by the funeral home that is handling the ar…

Open-casket visitations or wakes in Churches? (Funeral Arrangements, Funeral Planning)

Are open-casket visitations or wakes often held in churches? If so, are funeral directors present?

Is there a burial vault and casket in one? (Cemetery Questions, Funeral Products)

is there a burial vault and casket in one?

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